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Company Overview

World’s First Enhanced Communications Service Company

Compass Global was founded in January 1998 as a traditional telecom carrier. It changed its name to Compass Global in 2004 to reflect the company’s strategic shift from the industry's price leader to become the world’s premier quality carrier.

At the end of 2004, Compass Global revolutionized telecom history by transitioning from a legacy TDM based switching infrastructure to embrace revolutionary next generation technology employing TCP/IP to form the first VOIP Global Enhanced Communications Services Network (GECSN). Compass Global became the first major global carrier to convert one-hundred percent of its network, switches, systems and infrastructure to this newest state-of-the-art technology using TCP/IP over the public internet to process 100% of the calls transiting its global network. All calls received from its customers enter the Compass Global network via the internet. All calls are then processed and handed off via TCP/IP with VOIP protocols to Compass Global’s terminating carriers located around the world who are reached via the global public IP peering networks. By doing so, Compass Global became the world’s first true Global Enhanced Communications Service (GECS) company and established a trend that has become the model for global communications companies.

International Network and Global Operations Center

Compass Global’s network is one of the world’s premier communications facilities. It's Network Operations Center in midtown New York is the heart of its global operation. The facility was designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability. With a measured up-time goal of 99.99999%, the company has set the world’s most stringent performance parameters. It has invested large sums of capital for equipment and proprietary software that are necessary to provide both diversity and redundancy on every critical component. A key  benefit to customers is Compass Global’s assurance that its network will be available to twenty-fours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.


Software, Systems, & Service

Compass Global’s mission is to become the dominant supplier of high quality international voice & data services to global carriers. The typical Compass Global customer is a U.S. or foreign based international communications carrier, prepaid card company, or cellular network operator. These entities utilize global communication networks to terminate their international calls.

Compass Global differentiates itself in this highly competitive market by deploying proprietary software and systems developed internally. This software automatically downloads data from Compass Global's network of switches and converts the data on a real-time basis into highly sophisticated user-friendly charts and graphs. This data allows the company and its customers to measure and manage a myriad of quality parameters associated with international calls flowing through the company's Enhanced Communications Service network. Critical measurements taken every few seconds allow Compass Global to detect the slightest degradation in quality, and permit its technicians to take immediate corrective action to resolve problems before end-users become aware of a problem, or are impacted by it.

Skilled Personnel

In addition to its proprietary software and systems, the company’s employees are the third component in the company’s unique formula for success. Each employee is highly skilled and trained to use the company’s sophisticated software to manage the underlying networks and switches over which international calls travel. This process of managing the end-to-end quality of international calls has been termed, “Global Traffic Management”. The “Global Traffic Management” process has made the company unique in the global communications market. The resulting quality achieved from the “Global Traffic Management” process translates directly into enhanced levels of service and value added features to Compass Global’s customers.

These three components, Software, Systems, & Service, have enabled Compass Global to establish a worldwide reputation for providing the very highest level of satisfaction with its customers. These customers are comprised of an increasingly elite group of global communications companies who demand quality. Their first priority is quality, with price being secondary. This emphasis on “Quality First” has afforded Compass Global the ability to achieve a key point of differentiation with its customers that has set the company apart from many of its competitors.